Grimm Fairy Tales Adult Coloring Book by Zenescope

Grimm Fairy Tales Adult Coloring Book by Zenescope
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Paperback, 96 pages
Published December 15th 2015 by Zenescope
Source: Purchased print copy

Grimm Fairy Tales Universe

I'm an adult colourer and a huge fan of Zenescope's comic books so when I saw this book I just had to have it! I love it as it is just gorgeous. Almost all the pictures are of Zenescope's sexy female characters but there are about a handful of pages that are graphic design instead for a bit of variety. The pictures are printed on one side of the page, are not perforated, and of medium weight. I love that the paper has a small amount of tooth which was perfect for working with pencil crayons. This picture I'm showing was done with a mixture of Prismacolors, sharpie and gel pen, and nothing bled through the page. 100% in love with this colouring book!