Resurrection Man (New 52), Vol. 1: Dead Again by Dan Abnett;

Resurrection Man (New 52), Vol. 1: Dead Again by Dan Abnett; Andy Lanning (illus)
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Paperback, 160 pages
Published September 4th 2012 by DC Comics
Source: Purchased print edition

New 52
Resurrection Man

Resurrection Man is new to me I'd never heard of him before. He's really cool though and belongs to the dark, paranormal group of superheroes. At least I'm pretty sure he's a hero. Every time he dies he is resurrected quickly with new superpowers. In this volume, agents from both Heaven and Hell are trying to get him and bring him "home" as his soul has been around way too long. In the meantime, he has forgotten who he is and where he came from, his past, and is searching for clues and people who can help him find that information. Lots of action and battles and a decent read. I'd like to read more about him.