Manga Classics: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens by Crystal S. Chan, Stacy King (Translator), Nokman Poon (Illustrator)

Manga Classics: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
by Crystal S. Chan, Stacy King (Translator), Nokman Poon (Illustrator)
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Paperback, 308 pages
Published March 10th 2015 by Udon Entertainment
Source: Netgalley ebook

Manga Classics

Very true to the original adaptation of Dickens classic. I've read Great Expectations twice and often call it my favourite Dickens. I applaud Chan on her adaptation of the novel to manga. She includes notes at the back of the book explaining how she went about this, decisions she had to make regarding abridgment and how she choose her ending for a book that Dickens actually wrote two endings for!. All the major plot points are here along with the side stories, amazingly little has been dropped. Chan has managed to combine much storytelling within a single pane by engaging the artist. I really enjoyed the manga, it's a story I never tire of. The only big difference from the original is the physical depiction of Joe which is supposed to be ruddy, strong in body, uneducated and old (for these times that could be late 30s to 50s). However this is manga and we must have an attractive slim young adult male with long flowing hair, this is Joe. Speaking of the art I quite enjoyed it, though stylized in the manga form there is an authentic Victorian look to it. Well done and certainly a good choice for an introduction to the novel.