Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Code Red Volume 1 by Patrick Shand

Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Code Red Volume 1 by Patrick Shand
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Grimm Fairy Tales Presents

Excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed this title. I have difficulty in placing these trades in exact chronological order but as far as I can tell this is a direct sequel to "Realm Knights" and though this story is not dependant on that one; it would probably enhance enjoyment to start there. This time only Agent Red Hood and Agent Robyn Hood are called to duty. Brief mention is made of some events from Realm Knights but only one time is it worth Zenescope's infamous use of the asterix reference to the previous volume. LOL. Pat Shand is becoming one of my favourite authors from this publisher and knows how to tell a good story and keep the very complicated world-building and crossover characters in line, giving the reader brief hints to remember who is who and what is what. This story was highly entertaining, and while sexy and violent, was a little tamer than usual. The art was gorgeous, as it almost always is. This story really gets us into the beginnings of the plan of the Dark Horde's takeover and show their massive armies of orcs and ogres, all hinting at a little Lord of the Rings-ish feel to it. The book also ends with a sneak peak preview of the Robyn Hood one-shot comic which is a mission she is sent on within the pages of this volume. Fans of GFT will get what they usually expect and a little more in the story department. Great read!

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