114. The Shadow Book by Mark Oakley

The Shadow Book by Mark Oakley
Thieves & Kings, Vol. 4

Rating: (5/5)

(US) - (Canada)

1998, I Box Publishing, 272 pgs
Age: 12+

"The fourth volume of Thieves & Kings collects twelve issues of the original comic book series, recounting the tale of the boy thief and the Shadow Queen who hunts his soul.  The Lost Princess Katara is found, and the Wizard Quinton is held prisoner, while young Heath, who would be a sorceress, finds herself stuck in school.  However, unseen treachery and magic lurks in each of their lives, demanding quick wits and bold action from all!"

Borrowed a copy through Inter-Library Loan.

Wow, wow, wow.  This series continues to astound and amaze me.  A brilliant fantasy with fantastic world building and character development.  The first three volumes had an arc to them and this one while continuing on the overall plot takes a different turn.  Quinton, Heath and Rubel still have parts but the focus in this volume is the women and sisters. Heath Whingwhit, sorceress apprentice (not so much anymore), Sally the Shadow Queen, the lost Princess Katara, Lady Locumire, two new young witches-in-training, Kim and Lahana, and a few others.  Who is good and who is evil is not exactly certain, how they have been presented so far is not how each one arrives by the end of the volume.  A very intricate, detailed plot with lots of story and action, Quinton provides light-hearted humour and yet his character is a powerful and very clever wizard who hasn't been given his "day" yet. A fantastic discovery for me this year!  Looking forward to volume 5!