237. The Book of Revelation. Illustrations by Chris Koelle.

The Book of Revelation adaptation by Matt Dorff. Translation by Fr. Mark Arey & Fr. Philemon Sevastiades.  Illustrations by Chris Koelle.

Rating: (4/5)

(Kindle) - (US) - (Canada) - (UK)

Nov. 6, 2012, Zondervan, 187 pgs

Age: 18+ (YA crossover)

"The entire text of Revelation is presented as a visual narrative experience. See the vision given to John illuminated in this softcover graphic novel as an eye-popping, cinematic adventure. All of Revelation’s most mysterious, iconic characters and epic events are vividly depicted. Stand in John’s sandals and watch the New Testament’s climactic war between good and evil unfold in dramatic and dazzling imagery."

Purchased a new copy from an online retailer.

I find Revelation to be the hardest book of the bible to read but also to be quite thrilling with all its symbolism and meaning.  The thought of reading a graphic novel version appealed to me.  This book is not written for kids.  It contains all 404 verses from a translation done by two Greek Orthodox priests. The book is not illustrated with cartoons but with stunning art.  The artist's interpretation of this symbolic and visionary text of the Apocalypse is the core reason for my purchasing and reading this wonderful version of Revelation.  Now whether his images match your ideas is irrelevant as they make you pause and think.  Taking the text slowly and visually like this was an entirely new and rewarding way for me to read the Scripture and made me think about what I was reading from a different perspective.  What a joy it would be to have each book of the Bible professionally represented in graphic format like this!  One of the most amazing things about the art is that the artist has depicted the scenes including St. John and his reactions to what he is seeing.  This is truly brilliant and a fresh take to think about St. John's reactions when reading the Book of Revelation.  There is no interpretation presented which I think is wonderful of the adapter & artist.  They have presented the art literally from the text, allowing the reader to process their own known understanding of, or just to ponder, the symbolism.